Wednesday, July 10, 2013

BEASTS Showing at Exposure

Last Friday, some of my work was in a group show with an animal theme called BEASTS at the new Exposure gallery space in downtown Sioux Falls.

BEASTS Group Art Show at Exposure

BEASTS Group Art Show at Exposure

Exposure is open as a gallery on DTSF First Fridays (among other art events held each month in this space) so locals should definitely stop in and join the party! It's non-profit and everything is done by volunteer work - THANK YOU everyone who helps make this place a reality! Very special thanks to fellow artist/designer Zach DeBoer, who generously donates his time to curate and do the heavy lifting on these First Friday shows each month...literally, he's the one up on the ladder drilling holes to hang dinosaur curtains.

You can learn more by visiting the Exposure website, liking on Facebook, and watching this brief local news story (bonus points for spotting my brother and me in the video footage).

I also want to thank my family and friends, who come out to these events even when it's work of mine they've already seen plenty of times, and my husband who always ends up helping with the worst kinds of grunt work involved in being an artist (moving furniture and bins of pillows in 90 degree heat in this case).

I'm unfortunately not well connected with all the local artists that were included in this show, but here are some links for the ones I do know for you to check out:

Molly O'Connor
Darcy Millette
Cassie Marie Edwards

I'll update this list later if able to find websites for the others.

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