Thursday, November 29, 2012



I've re-committed myself to reading more real actual books lately. I'd become increasingly lazy about it over the past couple years, reading books here and there but devouring the majority of my reading material online and from a few choice magazines (Nat Geo, Smithsonian, etc). I think this is an easy trap to fall into for a primarily non-fiction reader like myself. With that said, I'm also challenging myself to read more fiction.

I have decided to share some books as I finish them here on my blog. My intake of reading material ranges from loosely related to highly influential on what comes out in my artwork, so I think it's relevant. Or, at least it might be something to spark conversation amongst those of us who have some overlap in reading interests.

As science fiction is my favorite genre in film and TV, of course it's the first place I've turned to for book choices in the realm of fiction. So, here's the falling-apart paperback copy of Neuromancer, the classic cyberpunk novel from 1984, that I finished up a couple weeks ago. It was recommended by my husband who read it for one of his college courses a few years ago. I enjoyed it. I'm unfamiliar with and newly learning about the origins of cyberpunk; it seems that Neuromancer, and apparently William Gibson's work in general, has been hugely influential on the genre and sci-fi at large. The Matrix movies came to mind repeatedly as I was reading it (the use of "Zion" especially caught my attention). There were times when it strongly reminded me of Blade Runner (which predates this novel), though more loosely in the sense of mixing sci-fi with elements of crime noir (if I can use that term). I also thought of the Ghost in the Shell movies/Stand Alone Complex quite a bit. And I'm sure there are plenty of other books, movies, and series I'm as yet unfamiliar with that it applies to as well.

There are two more novels after this one that complete William Gibson's Sprawl trilogy. I'll be on the lookout for them in the future. You know, the dystopian near-future. For now, I'm already deep into my next read - you might be able to guess what it is based on a highly anticipated movie coming out next month.

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