Sunday, November 11, 2012

Flying Messages of Yore

Siouxland PigeonGram

A recent news headline captured my imagination and sent me on a mission learning about the history of carrier pigeons. The relationships throughout history between humans and service/working animals has always been fascinating to me, but I'd only really considered equines and dogs for the most part, and elephants, dolphins and falcons to a lesser extent. For whatever reason, carrier pigeons have almost completely escaped my awareness until now.

Naturally, I immediately began working out plans for my future company, Siouxland PigeonGram. If there's one thing missing in the Sioux Falls area, clearly it's the option of having a message carried over the city and plains by an avian master of navigation.* According to my calculations, I'm confident this will be a highly lucrative business move.**

Siouxland PigeonGram is tentatively set to open on May 1st, 2025 (weather permitting).

*Oh sure, you laugh now. When the zombie apocalypse hits and all modern communication methods are rendered useless, you'll be begging to utilize my pigeon post services.

**I absolutely do know how to perform relevant calculations regarding bird-based business plans.

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