Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eli's Camel Rides

Here's one of my favorite client-based projects I worked on over the summer. How does a little startup designer like myself meet someone from an Oklahoma based camel ride company who needs a new logo? Well, apparently by the luck of proximity and word-of-mouth: working at my summer job at the zoo and having some wonderful coworkers who recommended me.

Eli's Camel Rides Logo

The looming challenge this logo presented me with was, of course, the overwhelming association between any camel illustrations/images and Camel Cigarettes. I created a huge number of preliminary logo sketches that were very far removed from the side view of a camel in an attempt to cut ties with those associations as much as possible. However, the client was intent on having a realistic image of a walking camel and so I gathered a library of reference photos, drew up a number of walking camels, and we eventually decided on the one in the final logo you see here. (Here's the main reference photo I used.)

The client's instructions also included containing the logo within a box shape, which was another whole challenge in itself. The type was completely up to me, with the simple direction that the logo look more on the side of timeless or classic, as opposed to trendy. A combination of Bulmer (for its classic elegance - that capital 'R' is to die for!) and Univers (for its solid simplicity) were our ultimate choice. I created the logo in both the square knockout form and as a free-standing logo, as I was concerned that the square could be problematic in some usages. The client may never end up using the non-square logo, but at least the option is there if needed.

Eli's Camel Rides Business Cards

The business cards are one-sided and are printed on a recycled off-white stock. Creating the pattern was fun for me but is also a serious step for setting the feel of the business identity. The same pattern can now be used across any of the company's print or web materials to give everything a cohesive/professional look.

I noticed that the website has been down for several days now, but visit in the future for more information about the company and the camels. The two dromedary camels I got to know over the summer were named Cletus and Cam. If you ever get a chance to ride on a camel, DO IT. It's surprisingly different from riding a a slightly scary way if you're a little afraid of heights like I am!

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