Monday, January 2, 2012

The Eight Elemental Amphibians (of Sally Williams) - Panel #8

Panel #8

For some reason, even though I took these in the same room with the same lighting as the other panels, the photos for panel #8 turned out terrible. Embarrassingly terrible, in fact. Wow, what I would do for an oversized scanner. There are predominantly dark colors present in this piece, but with a great deal of depth and richness and variety that doesn't show at all in the photos. Parts of the early underpainting that show through, like in the largest fish on the left, are iridescent so it shows mostly as glare here.

Panel #8 (detail)

Panel #8 (detail)

Hopefully you can get the general feel of the piece at least. I almost got rid of the fish since I edited them out of one of the other panels and I was afraid they'd seem out of place on just one. As I was analyzing all the panels together when they were nearing completion, I ended up liking the variety they added so they stayed.

Two more panels to go!

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