Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Eight Elemental Amphibians (of Sally Williams) - Panel #3

Panel #3

Here's panel #3. I'm disappointed in how the photos turned out for this panel; they don't really do it justice. There's a great amount of depth to this one, and the water just glows from all the glossy layers built up with glazing medium - different colors show up depending on the angle you observe it at and the lighting in the room. This is a more washy, watercolor inspired piece than the previous panel. The camera seems to wash out the detail of the flowers and picks up weird brushy areas from the reflective glossiness that don't show in person. You can get the overall impression of the piece though.

Panel #3 (detail)

Panel #3 (detail)

Panel #3 (detail)

The frog silhouette in this panel blends into the paint around it, just as the coloration of actual frogs often allow them to disappear into their environment.

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  1. This is amazing <3 I love the colour you've used.