Monday, November 28, 2011

Scrap Fabric Herpetology

It's a tradition for me to staunchly refuse to take part in shopping activities on Black Friday. I instead prefer to visit family, eat leftovers, and generally not accomplish much. This year I spent the day at my parent's house sewing with my mom. And hatching a rare species of snake.

This is Boa foris, normally referred to by its common name, the door snake. This species is difficult to identify by its coloration and pattern since it varies widely in appearance. They can commonly be found lazily stretched out straight beside the inside of doors in cooler climates. If you discover one in your home, it's best to leave it be - this harmless snake can play a small but beneficial role in your indoor environment. Some people even choose to introduce door snakes into their houses or apartments, as I have, because of their helpful habits.


The attractive green geometric patterning on this door snake bears a striking resemblance to some curtains I sewed a couple years ago. Hmm.

Door Gap

As soon as I released the door snake into its new habitat, it headed toward our front door that opens to the main hallway of the apartment complex.



Door Snake

The snake has been hanging out in this spot for a couple days now and seems very content. I've already noticed less noise as people pass in the hallway. As the days get colder, maybe it will feel less drafty as well.


I thoroughly enjoy little projects like this where I can just chop into fabric with no pattern and no worries about messing it up. The little tongue didn't work out exactly how I wanted, but other than that it turned out ok. I made my door snake with a velcro closure on its belly so I can empty it out if I need to wash it or for storage. My mom had some old yellow popping corn that we started filling it with but it didn't get very far. I filled it the rest of the way with beans. Great Northern Beans, to be exact. I'd like to say I chose them because I thought they'd soldier through the winter better, being from the north and all...but they were actually just the cheapest beans I could find.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I think it should be a new tradition to make things on Black Friday out of supplies/materials you already own instead of buying stuff.

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