Thursday, July 14, 2011

Emily + Mark's Wedding Invitations

Invitation, Info Sheet, Envelope

These were sent out a couple weeks ago now, so I can finally share them here!


Early developmental sketches. The full size of the invitation when folded all the way open is 5.5" x 34." It's 5.5" x 8.5" while folded up. The envelopes are standard 6" x 9."

Opening the Invitation

Invitation Folding Open



The timeline matches up on the top and bottom when folded around.

Invitation (detail)

Detail of the timeline and pictograms. I created everything in Adobe Illustrator. Just to clarify, I made every graphic you see here completely from scratch. In the past, I've had people question where I "found" the icons I use in some of my infographics. I never use pre-made graphics of any sort. For these, I used the pathfinder, shapes, and pen tool to create my pictograms.


The stripes on the envelopes were made by cutting strips of colored duct tape.


Invitation + Info Sheet

Info Sheet + RSVP Postcard

The RSVP card fits into slits on the information sheet. The wedding day schedule is found underneath once the card is removed.


Invitation with String

The info sheet is the same dimensions as the folded invitation. A string tying them together was the final finishing touch before going in the envelopes.

I think they turned out excellent, if I do say so myself. I really enjoyed using infographics, which are generally thought of as being generic and utilitarian, and applying them in a very personal way to work for a wedding. Their main colors for the wedding are purple and brown - I think the concept of using pink and blue to make purple as their paths come together is a lovely and understated touch.

It seems that I can't discuss anything to do with wedding designs without degenerating into some kind of here goes. With all the endless design possibilities out there, I just can't understand why nearly every wedding invitation I see is basically the same as the next. Though this wasn't exactly a low budget project, it doesn't require a lot of money to create something more personal and thoughtful than the standard design templates every wedding shop is pushing (please, please, give the Zapfino a rest!). If some people really like the usual wedding templates, then by all means they should get them. But sadly I suspect that most couples just don't even think about or realize that they can truly do ANYthing they want. So anyway, this opportunity to make wedding materials without any regard for the standard was a real treat for me.

Most importantly, Emily and Mark are very happy with their designs. Success! I couldn't have done it without them!

There are a couple more photos of the invitations in this Flickr set.

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