Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Science Museum of Minnesota

I promise I'll get back on track posting about new art and design work soon. In the meantime...DINOSAURS.

A couple weekends ago I was in the twin cities for my cousin's high school graduation. Congratulations, Madison! At the last minute, I convinced my fellow carpoolers (my husband, brother, and soon-to-be sister-in-law) to stop at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Sunday morning before heading back to South Dakota. Fun was had by all. But probably mostly me...

"Fafner" the Triceratops

"Fafner" the Triceratops. You can check out his backstory here and here.





Camptosaurus and Allosaurus

Camptosaurus and Allosaurus.

Terror Bird and Glyptodon

Glyptodon and a terror bird (I don't remember which species).




I wanted a picture with Diplodocus. That's easier said than done. You either end up with a photo of you and its legs, or something awkward like this. I guess now I can see exactly how tall I am compared to this 82-foot-long giant.

Part of the paleontology hall was under maintenance while we were there. I peeked behind the plastic and the area was empty, but one of the signs I could see was about pterosaurs. I wish I knew what I missed out on! I'll have to visit again sometime when it's finished.

I did remember a few of the exhibits from visiting here as a kid, but not many. The tornado and the wave machine were very familiar. Surprisingly, I didn't remember much at all about the fossils.

I took quite a few photos - if you'd like to see more of the exhibits you can browse my Flickr set.

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