Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dino Brights!

Last fall I began going through some of my childhood toys that my parents have been kind enough to let me leave at their house all these years. My first project had been cleaning up my small collection of My Little Ponies and Fairy Tails. Next is a much bigger project: going through my ridiculous amount of various plastic animals and dinosaurs.

I'm starting small with these tiny neon-colored Panosh Dino Brights. Some of them actually say © 87 on the bottom - I would've been five years old in 1987 but I know I was older when I began collecting these. I remember it being more around when I was in second or third grade. My brother was also collecting them at the same time, which is why there are doubles of most of them. In fact, some of the doubles have permanent marker dots on the bottom, because, you know, heaven forbid I get my dinosaurs mixed up with the ones my little brother touched.

Panosh Dino Brights

Panosh Dino Brights

I think I remember these being sold in small sets. I'm also pretty sure they had human names rather than being identified by species, which I found to be very annoying at the time for the ones I wasn't familiar with. I really wish I still had any of the original packaging.

Panosh Dino Brights

Some of them are numbered on the bottom and say Panosh with the copyright symbol and year. Some of them are numbered and say China. Some are blank on the bottom. I'm wondering if the blank ones are knock-offs, or maybe some just weren't marked? I couldn't find much reliable information about these guys online. Also, you can kind of see in the photo above with two of the same model (supposed to be Styracosaurus I think), one is more of a matte finish and slightly different color, but both have the same markings that would suggest they're authentic. There are several of the doubles where this color and finish difference is apparent.

Panosh Dino Brights

Like all of my dinosaurs, these were pretty much played with to death in the mud, sandbox, pool, etc, and quite a few aren't in the best shape. The two above (some sort of spinosaurid?) are both a bit rough, but all the yellow ones in general are showing the most dirt and wear.

Panosh Dino Brights

I'm not sure what these are supposed to be with such a tiny head, but they do appear to be feathered. They won't stand up on their own. The waving green Ouranosaurus in the background was one of my absolute favorites.

Panosh Dino Brights

Just look at that winning toothy smile! So proud, as any good T-Rex should be.

These toys have great sculpted detail for being so tiny and there's such a nice variety of different dinosaurs, marine reptiles, and other prehistoric critters. I also love the bright neon colors rather than realistically painted detail for a change. Sadly, I can't seem to find one that I remember being a favorite of mine: a terror bird. Maybe it'll turn up as I keep going through everything.

I plan to soak these guys in some soapy water awhile to see if I can clean them up a bit and then take some better photos. We'll see if I get around to that in the not-too-distant future.


  1. I suspect these are knock offs, though very well made.

    I owned and collected both these and the "real" first production run (I am guessing here, but I got the "real" ones around 87 and didn't see these neon ones till about the time you suspect you got these). I'm not sure if they were made by the same company or not.

    The "real" line were produced in non-neon colours (yellow, purple, blue, green, and red) and were painted with white highlights in a glow in the dark paint. Otherwise they are the same.

    I acquired all my "real" ones in open gel packs (so you could see which Dinos you were acquiring) whereas my neons were purchased as singles. My local toystore must have bought a bunch of the packs of the neons and just sold their contents individually.

    Your collection is more complete than mine. Sad but cool to see the ones I didn't own. I'd have loved the marine reptiles none of which I owned :( The only one I can't see that I had and you don't here was a Sauropod with a little caveman riding his back (which honestly is not entirely worth owning in my opinion)

    Cool post. I'll see if I can dig my "real" guys up and send you a comparative pic (though no promises as I'm currently packing to move overseas)

  2. Oh wow, I never saw the "real" ones with the glow in the dark paint! Very cool!

    I think that these came in plastic multipacks with a cardboard back. I seem to remember saving the cardboard back at the time since it had illustrations of all the different ones to collect. But I might be remembering it completely wrong or mixing it up with another toy line.

    The marine reptiles were always some of my favorites, especially that orange Ichthyosaur! I don't think I ever saw the one with the caveman on its back.

    Yeah, if you come across your collection, do take some photos!