Thursday, June 2, 2011

Current WIP: Mark + Emily's Wedding

One of the projects I'm diligently working through now is all the print design for an upcoming wedding. My brother is getting married! I'm ecstatic about designing the print materials for Mark and Emily. They were open to very unique and non-traditional concepts, and after much discussion, we decided that an infographic theme would be perfect. They're both engineers (he mechanical, she industrial), and the techy mathy sciencey feel of information graphics is an appropriate and personal fit for them. The Save the Date postcards were finished and sent awhile ago:

Save The Date Postcard (front)

Save The Date Postcard (back)

I originally designed these with a thin brown outer border, but the test prints revealed that the print company I chose to order them through couldn't cut them evenly or consistently. Dropping the border was a safer choice since it's not near as noticeable if the edges aren't cut exactly right. Going forward, I need to do more research on local print shops. I think having more attention to detail with that kind of thing would more than make up for the higher cost (hopefully).

I'm now working on the invitations, and I can't say much about them yet. I'll share them once they're finished and sent out in the coming weeks.

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