Friday, April 8, 2011

Stegosaurus Pattern in Green

Stego-pattern repeat


Stego-pattern detail

Here's the third design I've ordered the test swatch for. The colors look a little off from what I'm going for. I'm using Spoonflower's fabric color guide swatch to go by and trying to trust the colors I'm seeing printed on the swatch rather than on my screen. It's a bit challenging to work that way. The orange should turn out more rusty, and the gray less bluish. The green and yellow seem fairly accurate. I really hope it comes out close to what I'm expecting and doesn't need much revision.

I'm still a little uncertain about leaving the stegosaurs almost completely the same color as the background, but my intention is for it to read as negative space. Viewed from a distance, I'm trying to make the other elements come forward so the dinosaurs are almost a surprise on closer observation, kind of blending into the environment. I'm afraid it could seem unfinished as it is now though. I'm hoping that seeing it printed on the actual fabric will help me decide if it looks complete.

All right, back to work...

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