Monday, April 11, 2011

Ptera-Islands Pattern

Ptera-Islands Pattern Repeat

Ptera-Islands Pattern Detail

Ptera-Islands Pattern

Whew, this one was a struggle. I thought I was setting myself up for an easy repeat since I planned on lots of empty space for the water around the illustrations. No such luck. I spent almost the whole night on trying to work out a repeat that looked right. I haven't decided if this is as successful as the other patterns yet. I think I need to sleep on it.

I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't carry through on my original vision for an island pattern. I intended to create four or five different islands, each unique, then add several different sea creatures poking out of the waves between the islands. The repeat would end up being enormous, maybe even big enough for me to make an entire curtain panel out of without repeating. But...time is running out for what will make it into my exhibition and I had to move on. That said, I think this turned out pretty well with just the one island. After I graduate and the dust starts to settle, I will definitely revisit the idea.

I know for sure I will be making 18"x18" pillows out of this pattern for the exhibition. The last screenshot shows about how much of the pattern will show at that size. Standard cloth napkins are right around that size range too, so depending on which pattern I decide to base the kitchen stuff around, I might use this for napkins as well. If I end up doing kitchen stuff at all...I'm kind of undecided at this point. So far my patterns seem more suited to living room or bedroom applications. Something about the thought of having a table decked out in dinosaur-themed placemats, napkins, and table runners really makes me happy though! I'll have to decide within the next couple days for sure. Eek.

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