Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Brachio Scarf

Brachio Scarf

This is the final illustration that will be included in my graduation exhibition. I wanted to try something a little different so instead of setting it up as a repeating pattern, I made it more of a stand-alone piece. I set it up as a scarf with borders (above), which will be printed on Spoonflower's cotton voile. If it turns out looking nice on the cotton voile, I think eventually I'll have it printed in silk too. I love scarves in both natural cottony feeling fabrics and in silk, so the deciding factor ended up being the cost - the silk is pricier. The final hemmed size will be about 53" x 53" on the cotton voile.

I also made it sans border and ordered it on quilting weight cotton for several 18"x18" throw pillows. I'll be using contrasting solids on the backs of all the pillows, probably the yellow for this one. I'm sewing all the pillows as separate cases to go over standard pillow forms, making them more practical since the cases can be taken off and washed as needed.

This order will arrive at the end of this week. The FedEx truck in my driveway is my favorite sight in the world these days.

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